About Us

We Are Forumcc

FORUMCC operates as the national Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) network on Climate Change. It is a non-for-profit, member-based - of over 80 diverse organizations across Tanzania committed to work on climate change issues in Tanzania and beyond. It started its operations in 2008 and incorporated in 2013 as a limited company by guarantee – having no share capital - under the Companies Act of 2002.

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The FORUMCC has a Secretariat which is mandated to manage the activities of the Network and is overseen by a Board of Directors, nominated by FORUMCC members. The highest decision making organ is the Annual General Assembly comprised of voting members. FORUMCC’s engagement is guided by a five (5) year – strategic plan and the currently is implementing its second strategic plan 2016-2020.

The FORUMCC works to ensure effective and informed engagement of Civil Society in Climate Change issues and processes for the benefit of the environment and people in poverty – women, youth and men - who are mostly affected.

It strives to achieve Policy change, Accountable climate finance and actions for resilience and sustainable low carbon economy.

FORUMCC works at three levels: local, national and international levels to ensure that our good course contributes to the lasting solutions to the climate change vulnerability. We believe successes emerge from the partnership that links local, national and global genuine actions for change. That sets local communities and the voices of women, men and young people at the centre of change

We are part of a big movement for change, one that empowers people to create a future that is secure, just, and free from poverty.

Strategic Areas

For the five years, 2016-2020 priorities for FORUMCC will start with five (5) Sectors; The entry points will be in the following thematic issues; transparency, accountability and governance; Political Will; and Enablers/Disablers.

Five (5) sectors for above strategic area:




Agriculture and Livestock


Coastal and Urban Resilience

Our main focus of the strategic areas will be:

  • Information and Knowledge generation and dissemination.
  • Policy engagement and Advocacy
  • Learning, networking, and institutional strengthening.


Board Members

Euster Kibona (Board Chairperson)

Is a specialist in Natural Resources Assessment and Management. She has an MSc in Natural Resources Assessment and Management from Institute of Resources assessment (IRA) University of Dar es Salaam 2010, a BSc in Environmental Science and Management from Sokoine University of Agriculture 2003, and a Certificate in Social Work from National Social Work Training Institute 2000.

She currently works as senior Management Officer at EPMS (Environmental Protection and Management Service) and as Chairperson of ForumCC Board. She has substantial experience in fields relating to Climate Change Vulnerability from her role as Coordinator for CBAA-Community Based Adaptation in Africa Project conducted by ACTS/IDRC 2008/11, Climate Change Adaptation Expert in IIED project on Climate Change Impacts Urban Poor 2007/08, Climate Change Adaptation Programme Coordinator in SSN Poverty Reduction and Climate Change Programmes Project conducted by Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS) 2005/08, Climate Change Programme Coordinator in Clean Development Mechanism under CD4CDM project to Tanzania by UNEP RISOE 2006/10, Climate Change Adaptation Expert on Preparation of National Adaptation Programme of Action by Government of Tanzania and many more projects and services in Environmental issues.

The FORUMCC works to ensure effective and informed engagement of Civil Society in Climate Change issues and processes for the benefit of the environment and people in poverty – women, youth and men - who are mostly affected.

Vera Mugittu (Board Director)

Mugittu is an expert in agricultural innovations. She has wide practical experience in Innovation system analysis and stakeholder facilitation to improve capacity and provide new information for innovation. She is currently completing a PHD in Science, Technology and Innovation Studies at the University of Edinburgh. Mugittu has a strong background in Agriculture Economics obtaining with an MSc in the discipline from Sokoine University of Agriculture.

In her current role as Managing Director of MUVEK Development Solutions Ltd. Mugittu is responsible for the daily management of the company and implementation of projects. She is responsible for creating and setting the company direction into a successful consulting and development company.

She has held successive positions in development planning and evaluation, working with The Foundation of Civil Society and The Royal Danish Embassy, where she support development assistance to the agricultural sectors and support Pastoralists in Tanzania. She has also had an extensive career in the dairy sector working in at production, marketing and policy levels for over 10 years as an advisor and a consultant.


Eric Mugurusi (Board Director)

He has an extensive experience in the areas of environment, natural resources management, town planning, climate change and related policy areas. Former Director of Environment in the Vice President’s Office (Tanzania), retired from Government service in November 2009 having served in that capacity for 20 years since establishment of the Department of Environment in 1990. He is currently an environmental, climate change and policy consultant, and Managing Director of an Environment, Climate Change & Policy Consulting Firm operating regionally and internationally.

Eric holds a Bsc. (Engineering), Land Survey and Photogrammetric, from University of Nairobi (1974); Master of Town and Country Planning (MTCP, 1978) University of Sydney, Australia; and Post-Graduate Diploma, (Urban and Regional Planning, 1976), Szczecin Technical University, Poland. Eric is a Humphrey Fellow of the Special Program for Urban and Regional Studies (Environmental infrastructure), from M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1990), Cambridge and USA. Eric has coordinated numerous strategic, operational programmes and projects in the field of environment and natural resources in Tanzania as well as regionally and internationally.


Eluka Kibona (Board Director)

Eluka Kibona serves as the Head of National influencing at Oxfam in Tanzania. She is passionate about social justice, structural/systemic change and gender equality, demonstrated in her history of grassroots activism and community mobilizing. As a student activist she co-founded the Black Campus Progressive at Hampton University in the USA, worked with United Students Against Sweat Shops, Amnesty International, the Gay Straight Alliance, World Can’t Wait Campaign and the Black Peoples Socialist Party.

Her working experience includes, the Make a Difference Centre in Washington DC, WPFW Radio Station in Washington DC as a researcher for ‘Africa Meets Africa,’ US Supreme Civil Court, US Supreme Criminal Courts in New York, UNITE HERE (Labour Union) Local 100 in New York, and CARE International in Tanzania and has spent years working with the Tanzania Gender Networking program. To date, she continues to coordinate the Young Feminist Forum in Tanzania and works with sex workers and LGBTI groups. She is active in the Feminist movement in Tanzania, mentoring, facilitating and has provided gendered program analysis for USAID and HIVOS. She holds a bachelor degree from Hampton University, Masters from University of Birmingham (UK) and is pursuing her PhD at the University of Dar es salaam.


Jackson Estomih Muro (Board Director)


Muro is currently a program coordinator of Community Economic Development and Social Transformation (CEDESOTA). He holds Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies from MS-TCDC/Kimmage Manor-Ireland and Bsc. Degree in Forestry from Sokoine University of Agriculture.

His longtime working experience covers wide range of areas with varieties of duties and responsibilities which includes; Technical advisor for the organization, fund rising, capacity building trainings on environment conservation, reproductive health and justice, Train on governance and accountability, leadership, land rights and child rights and advocacy for pastoralist as a livelihood system to district authorities and policy makers, Initiate and strengthen networking and collaboration with local authorities, religious institutions, local NGOs/ CBOs, International NGOs and donor communities.

Previously Muro has been working as program coordinator at Tanzania Pastoralists and Hunter-Gatherer Organization (TAPHGO) – Tanzania mainland in pastoralists’ districts, Program officer at ILAMATAK LORKONREI, project coordinator at World Vision and project coordinator at Dodoma HIV/AIDS cluster.


Juma, Soud Mohammed (Board Director)


Soud is currently a National coordinator – Environment and climate change Governance in Zanzibar at the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) based in First Vice President’s Office of Zanzibar government/UND. He holds Masters degree in Bioresearches science from the United Graduate School of Agriculture, Ehime University, Ehime prefecture, Matsuyama, Japan, B.Sc (Hons) in Forest and Wildlife science from Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro, Tanzania, Certificate in Conservation biology and endangered species from Durrel Wildlife Conservation Trust, Jersey UK.

Previously Soud has been working as the Program Quality and Learning Officer/ Carbon development facilitator at CARE International in Tanzania, Mangrove management project coordinator at Society for Natural Resources and Development (SONARECOD), Forest ecologist and community forest facilitator in the Department of Commercial Crops, Fruits and Forest (Forest and wildlife sector), Zanzibar Tanzania, Head of Nature Conservation and Development Section in the Department of Commercial Crops, Fruits and Forest, Zanzibar, Tanzania and the Head of Community Environmental Conservation Section in the Commission for Natural Resources, Zanzibar, Tanzania.