Accountable Climate Action Initiative (ACAI 1)

ForumCC is implementing ACAI program to influence behavior changes to three boundary partners namely: Vice President’s Office-Division of Environment (VPO-DoE), Local Government Authorities (WEO, VEO, DED, and Councilors), Farmers groups, and Pastoralists Groups. The main approach that is deployed is Meme. The program will be carried-out in four districts of Singida rural in Singida region, Kiteto in Manyara Region, Njombe in Njombe region, and Wete in Pemba.
Implementation of the program will be facilitated by ForumCC partners’ organization located in the above mentioned four districts. The partner organizations are: Sustainable Environment Management Action (SEMA),Pastoralists Survival Options (NAADUTARO), Sustainable Economic & Environmental Conservation Organization (SEECO), and Community Forest Pemba (CFP) respectively.
The vision of ForumCC is to see Tanzania with the participatory policy frameworks that are resilience to climate change for sustainable quality life. Civil societies have access to information and are coordinated to participate in climate change decision making processes. Citizens, government and business are collaborative, accountable, and responsible for climate resilient future.
The mission of ForumCC is to work with and strengthen local change agencies that will drive a grounds well of active citizens taking responsibility for responding to climate changes and demanding in government and private sector/business. ForumCC provides the link between the local mobilization and experiences and the national to global advocacy. It researches and provide good meme that build the capacity of boundary partners to influence change. ForumCC with strong meme harvested, well analyzed and packaged will lobbies the government on its position in international climate change negotiations and join other civil society groups in spreading meme like virus for advocacy in these international spaces.  It uses participatory methods to monitor progress, to learn how to become more effective in supporting its members and partners and be a platform for a national level engagement with government and private sector/business.
The ACAI goal is to have government, citizens and private sector collaborating, accountable and acting responsibly in relation to climate changes and the environment from local to global levels.
To realize the above mentioned goal, ACAI aim at achieving three specific objectives namely;
  • More sustainable local agencies mobilizing boundary partners to respond to climate changes in a way that is collaborative, accountable, and responsible.
  • A sustainable national civil society forum on climate change better at informing and mobilizing local and national civil society organizations for effective national engagement of boundary partners to respond to climate changes.
  • Improved climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts by the Government of Tanzania and the boundary partners communities for the benefit of people in Tanzania.