Post 1 Konferenz DodomaThe Climate Change Symposium is an annual FORUMCC flagship event that brings together civil society and representatives from the government, development partners, academic institutions, youth and women groups, and media to discuss and propose solutions to address climate change and its related issues.

FORUMCC has been, jointly with Oxfam and other Partners, organizing the Summit (previously known as symposium) since 2014. This year (2019) Summit will be the fifth one to be organised. Each of the previous years, the Summit had a specific overall theme related to existing, on-going and upcoming key climate issue and/or process. The previous Summits had the following themes:

2014: Climate Change and CSOs Space for Effective Engagement

2015: Towards the Global Climate Agreement

2016: Acceleration of Integration of Climate Change Adaptation into Plans and Budget

2018: Financing for Climate Action: Bringing Accountability at the core of Addressing Climate Change


The Climate Change Symposium & Expo 2019 is expected to be held on Wednesday and Thursday, 10–11th April 2019 at Morena Hotel in Dodoma. It is expected to bring more than one hundred (100) experts and stakeholders from the government, civil society, academia, private sector, development partners, women and youth groups, and media.
There will a guest of honour is expected to Honourable January Makamba (Minister of State, Vice President’s Office, Environment and Union Affairs). Other invited high-level officials are Honourable Selemani Said Jaffo (Minister of State, President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government) who is expected to provide keynote speech on the second day; George Joseph Kakunda (Minister of Industry and Trade); and His Excellency, Charles Stuart (European Union Deputy Ambassador to Tanzania and the EAC).
The 2019 Summit will be held under the main theme of “Achieving Policy Coherence, Accelerating Accountable Climate Actions”. The theme emphasizes on cross-sectoral policy harmonization and promotion of accountable climate actions at both local and national levels.
The two-day Symposium will have two plenary sessions and two break-out sessions focusing on specific sub-themes. On the first day, there will be one plenary session and the two break-out sessions; while the second day will have a special plenary session.