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Join Membership Form
  1. Tanzania Civil Society Forum on

    Climate Change


    This form comprises nine sections requesting information for us to assess your organisation’s eligibility for membership of FORUMCC:

    • Organisation and Contact Details
    • Organisation Profile
    • FORUMCC and Your Organisation
    •  Your Expectations of FORUMCC
    • Membership Fee
    • Documentation
    • Declaration

    Before completing this form, you should read the FORUMCC MEMART at . The MEMART shows which organisations are eligible to become Members (organizations only), Associate (Individual/Organizations) or Observers (Individual/Organizations) members.

  3. Please tick the appropriate box to indicate which type of membership your organisation is applying for:(*)

    Please check first
  4. Please ensure that all the requested information is provided. Applications can only be processed once the application is complete. 

    Or simply download and fill this document ForumCC Membership Application Form and send back through
  1. FORUMCC Secretariat
    Beach Plot No. 396, Mbezi Beach, Kawe
    P.O. Box 105270, Dar es Salaam – Tanzania.


    Tel: +255 754 433 912

    The FORUMCC staff will be happy to help with any questions you have regarding membership or the application process and forms.

  2. Section 1

    Organisation and Contact Details 

  3. Full legal name of organisation(*)
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  5. Usual name/acronym(*)
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  11. Website
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  12. Other means of contact
  13. Contact Person (This person will be your organisation’s main contact point with FORUMCC).

  14. Name of contact person(*)
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  15. Job title(*)
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  19. Other means of contact
  1. Section 2

    Organisation Profile

  2. Please tick to confirm that your organisation is: (If individual membership; please skip if not applicable)

  3. Date your organisation was founded?(*)

    Please select a date when Date your organisation was founded
  4. Regions/Countries in which your organisation works(*)
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  5. Other institutions, networks, groups, or consortia of which your organisation is a member
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  1. Section 3

    FORUMCC and Your Organisation

  2. FORUMCC Mission Statement

    ForumCC exists: “To enhance effective engagement of Tanzanian CSOs on Climate Change issues for the benefit of vulnerable people and ecosystems” 

  3. (*)
    Please acknowledge by ticking this box.
  4. Member Objectives (*)
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    In order to be a member of FORUMCC, an organisation, network or individual must have objectives consistent with the aims of FORUMCC as described in FORUMCC’s Mission Statement. Please state briefly how your organisational (or individual) objectives are consistent with ForumCC’s Mission Statement (Please State your Organizational Objectives):
  5. For our information, please state how your organisation (you) came to know of FORUMCC:(*)
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    For our information, please state how your organisation (you) came to know of FORUMCC:
  6. FORUMCC Strategic Plan

    The Strategic Plan sets the direction and broad areas of work for FORUMCC. Adoption of the Strategic Plan by the General Assembly implies commitment from all FORUMCC members to participate in its implementation. 

  7. (*)
    Please acknowledge by ticking this box.
  8. Member Activities(*)
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    In order to be a member of FORUMCC, an organisation, network or individual must have clearly defined climate change justice, accountability and transparency; and environment conservation programmes and/or activities consistent with the purposes of FORUMCC as described in FORUMCC’s Strategic Plan (e.g. through info sharing, capacity building, coordination, advocacy or solidarity links) Please state briefly how your programmes and activities are consistence with ForumCC’s Strategic Plan (Please state you KEY activities):
  1. Section 4

    Your Expectations of FORUMCC

  2. What does your organisation hope to gain from membership of FORUMCC? (*)
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  3. What contributions will your organisation bring to FORUMCC’s activities? (*)
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  4. Please add here other relevant information about your organisation, for example publications, and etc.(*)
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  1. Section 5


    Your organisation’s application requires copies of all the documents below to be included. If any of these documents are missing, your application will be considered incomplete. Please tick to confirm that the following documents (in English) are included in your application:
  2. (*)

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  1. Section 6


    After consideration of the Mission Statement of the Tanzania CSOs Forum on Climate Change (FORUMCC) and being in agreement with the aims and responsibilities incurred by membership, I hereby apply for membership of FORUMCC on behalf of the organisation whose particulars and description appear in this application form.
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  4. Position(*)
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