Kilimo Biashara is a youth initiative movement which aims to connect smallholder famers and new entry to agribusiness with financial Institutions; Experts; Policy Makers; Agricultural Insurance Companies; Seed Suppliers;...


Stakeholders urged to invest in Agribusiness and Small Scale Industries

Kilimo Biashara is a youth initiative movement which aims to connect smallholder farmers and new entry to agribusiness with financial Institutions; Experts; Policy Makers; Agricultural Insurance Companies; Seed Suppliers; Agricultural tool and equipment suppliers; Agricultural Agencies; Agro-processors; Agricultural Associations and markets.  This movement was initiated and put in place by Intellz Group with support from FORUMCC.

On 08th April, 2017 Intellz Group with support from FORUMCC organized Kilimo Biashara Forum which was held at Dodoma and brought together more than 500 participants. This includes smallholder farmers, graduates, higher learning Students, Youth, women, NGOs, Tele-Company, Banks and decision makers. The theme of the forum was connecting farmers with market where the discussion was looking on challenges; obstacles and opportunities of investing to Agribusiness in Tanzania and how to bring youth on board.

The forum was officiated by Honorable Antony Peter Mavunde (Deputy Minister responsible for Labor, Employment and Youth). In his remarks Mr. Mavunde provided highlights on opportunities available for youth to invest in agriculture and small scale industries in Tanzania and call upon youth and smallholder farmers to utilize the opportunities. “The government of President Magufuli is working hard to make sure opportunities for investing in agricultural sector are visible and accessible to youth and smallholder farmers”. “The government is working hard to connect farmers with internal and external market by putting in place better policies and incentives and we are real encouraging youth to invest in large scale farming and small/big industries”. “The big challenge is on connecting farmers with market and assurance of constant supply; thus why today the government is supporting the Kilimo Biashara initiative”. Mr. Mavunde said

On his conclusion he insisted on youth to use their time wisely searching for potential information. connecting with availability of  opportunities of investing in agriculture and small Scale Industries he said that, there are 85,000 hectors which been kept aside by the government for youth and entrepreneurship. “It’s up to you (addresing to youth who were there) to underscore this opportunity and starting to invest in Agribusiness and small scale industries across Tanzania.

Honorable Antony Mavunde officiating Kilimo Biashara Forum at Dodoma

Dr. Shelukindo (Agriculture Officer from President officer- Regional Administrative and Local Government) presented on the success stories on how Lushoto District Council managed to connect their farmers with internal and external markets. According to Dr. Shelukindo farmers have been suffering with the price in the market. They have been producing good products but the price in the market was not good for them; therefore we decided to look for market in Dar Es Salaam and Belgium. “As am talking now farmers in Lushoto are selling their products in Dar Es Salaam and Belgium”.

Dr. Shelukindo concluded his presentation by commenting that “if we really connect our farmer with market and we make sure there is constant supply of the products we will be able to help our smallholder farmers intensify their production and hence improve their livelihood”.


Dr. Shelukindo presenting during the Kilimo Biashara forum

Fazal Issa (Program officer-FORUMCC) presented on the nexuses between climate change and agriculture. In his presentation, Mr. Issa provided highlights on the evidence of impact of climate change in Tanzania and initiatives which has been taken by the government and Non-state actors in dealing with climate change impacts across the country. Mr. Issa said that, agriculture sector has been adversely affected by climate change and the most affected are smallholder farmers due to their dependencies on rainfall. “We are experiencing erratic rainfall, long dry spells, late on-set and early cessation of rainfall. In Some places where they had bimodal rainfall they are now experiencing unimodal rainfall pattern”. He mentioning that, there is a need for government and Non-state actor to join their hand in enhancing the capacity of the smallholder farmers to cope and adapt to impacts of climate change. It will help them to intensify their production and productivity under the context of climate change.

We have seen how agriculture sector is being affected by climate change while the sector needs to provide raw materials to our industries; it now time to take climate action to help our smallholder farmers adapt to climate change impacts and be able to intensify their production and productivity”.  

Fazal Issa delivering his presenting during kilimo Biashara Forum

During breaks participants had a chance to visit FORUMCC show case which was placed at the entry door. Participants were given posters, statement, policy briefs and books prepared by FORUMCC to learn more on climate change issues in Tanzania and beyond.   


Mr. Jonathan Sawaya from FORUMCC discussing with participants who visited FORUMCC show case