FORUM CC is now organizing the National Symposium do be done early next year from 5th -9th March, 2018. This is going to be the third forum of a kind for Climate Change stake holders coming together and discussing issues concerning Climate change be in it accountability, adaptation, financing or awareness.

beside the fact that this is going to be the thirds time but the next year planned event is going to be of its kind due to the planned activities which will be more attractive, catching and quick message giving. but also the next year event is expected to display progress which have been done by civil societies and other stake holders of Climate Change in Tanzania. it is not going to be just a platform for stakeholders but a change driving event featuring government, private sectors, medias and individuals who have interests on Climate Change. groups like Youth and Women will be highly considered and also are encouraged to take part in this remarkable event.

The organizing team is now on set to make sure that the event become historical in climate change advocacy and awareness raising in the country. I wish and taking this opportunity to welcome you to be part of this major event for Climate Change interested people in Tanzania. Stay here with us for more updates and share with others to spread news. This team full of expertise who have great experience in event planning and management they are working very effectively to make sure that event is going to achieve what it were meant.  

Every individual in the organisation from the Executive Director to program officers and assistants, they are looking forward to this great event of the organisation but also for the sake of Climate Change in our country