Accountable Climate Actions and Finance Transparency Initiative (ACATI) is a project implemented by a consortium made of FORUMCC; Singida District Council; Ilala Municipal Council; and SEMA Singida. The project focuses on accountability in climate adaptation/mitigation actions and climate finance transparency.


ACATI provides an opportunity for the two LGAs – Singida District and Ilala Municipal Councils – to strengthen and facilitate collaboration with CSOs and communities through joint actions on climate adaptation/mitigation. It also envisages enhanced accountability to the public of the two LGAs to accelerate climate resilience in their localities.

In this context, FORUMCC and Singida District Council would like to identify issues of accountability related to climate change adaptation and mitigation raised by the Chief Auditor General (CAG) in the annual audit reports. Identified issues will systematically be addressed to increase the council’s accountability and compliance. This will increase the capacity of the council to implement CAG recommendations which is ultimately necessary to promote climate actions. It is against this background that FORUMCC and Singida District Council is seeking to hire a team of consultants to review Chief Auditor General (CAG) audit reports for the Council. Thus, applications from qualified consultants are invited to submit their applications to conduct this assignment.

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