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Accountable Climate Actions and finance Transparency Initiative (ACATI)

The aim of this initiative is the strengthening of national and local CSOs to advocate and engage the Government to act responsibly and collaborate in relation to environment and climate resilience. The project works at National level, Ilala Municipal and Singida District Councils with the aim to enhance civil societies’ knowledge, skills and access to information to advocate for improved transparency, coherence and alignment of climate finance, and accountable climate actions at both local and national level. Also, to develop sustainable platforms for collaborative engagement on climate actions between civil society and local authorities.

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Responsible Actions and Financing for Climate Change (RAFIC)

Responsible Actions and Financing for Climate Change (RAFIC) is a project which aims at Enhancing transparency and mobilization of climate change finance for effective adaptation in Tanzania. It specifically target to:

  • To identify climate finance gaps in the agriculture and livestock sector ministries.
  • Developing evidences and facts to back lobbying, advocacy and actions at local, national and internal levels.

The project which is supported by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (RLS) will be implemented from 1st March to 31st July 2015.

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Adaptation Fund NGO Network (AFN) Project

Promoting good adaptation practice and advancing the international support architecture, with particular recognition of the experience from the Adaptation Fund.

The project aims at contributing to the overall enhancement of the international support architecture for adaptation in vulnerable developing countries, particularly in the context of the UNFCCC negotiations towards the envisaged 2015 agreement.

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Accountable Climate Action Initiative (ACAI 1)


ForumCC is implementing ACAI program to influence behavior changes to three boundary partners namely: Vice President’s Office-Division of Environment (VPO-DoE), Local Government Authorities (WEO, VEO, DED, and Councilors), Farmers groups, and Pastoralists Groups. The main approach that is deployed is Meme. The program will be carried-out in four districts of Singida rural in Singida region, Kiteto in Manyara Region, Njombe in Njombe region, and Wete in Pemba.

Implementation of the program will be facilitated by ForumCC partners’ organization located in the above mentioned four districts. The partner organizations are: Sustainable Environment Management Action (SEMA),Pastoralists Survival Options (NAADUTARO), Sustainable Economic & Environmental Conservation Organization (SEECO), and Community Forest Pemba (CFP) respectively.

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Help her live, learn and earn – Project (HELP)

FORUMCC partnering with CARE and SAIPRO Trust Fund, are implementing HELP project in Same District covering six villages (Makanya, Ruvu-jiungeni, Kasapo, Mgwasi, Bangalala and Vudee) with the objective of enhancing food and nutrition security for household’s dependent on small scale agriculture production within a changing climate in Northern Tanzania. The goal of HELP project is to reduce extreme poverty and hunger. The aim of the project is to contribute to the creation of equitable, climate-resilient farming communities where women will be empowered, natural resources will be sustainably managed and households have increased production. This will be achieved through several approaches in order to reach 2,460 direct beneficiaries where 70% will be women. A transformative change approach will be adopted, to transform gender roles, alter structures that maintain inequality and promotes gender-equitable relationships between men and women. This will involve working directly with women to empower them, but also working to engage men as equal partners. The project will have a positive impact on the environment through climate smart programming, climate change awareness and sustainable use of water. Environment and climate change will essentially be at the center of this project..

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