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Forum on Climate Change (FORUMCC) is a Non-Governmental Organization, member-based; committed to working on climate change in Tanzania and Beyond. The purpose of the Forum is to ensure effective and informed engagement of CSOs on Climate Change issues for the benefit of the environment and vulnerable people. The Forum is established to provide leadership and CSOs mobilization, lobbying and advocacy for accountable climate actions, information sharing and climate change policy engagement.

FORUMCC works at local, National, Regional and Global levels - to promote climate change mitigation and adaption-inclusive policies and lasting solutions to climate change vulnerability.

FORUMCC is in the second year of implementation of the “Galvanizing and Unifying Africa’s Action for Resilient Development in the Era of Pandemic” (GUARD-AFRICA) project that seeks to catalyze conversations towards the acceleration of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) implementation and overall Climate Action; And influence impact at scale by leveraging the efforts of other players in the climate change conversations within Africa and Globally focusing on issues such as promotion of green energy, just climate financing and institutional strengthening of CSOs networks for amplified advocacy; Taking into consideration the intersectionality of gender and social exclusion that underpins the vulnerability of women, girls and youth on climate change issues. 

The project covers 12 Countries including Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Rwanda, Niger, Morocco, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast and Botswana.

2.Objective of this Call

FORUMCC is looking for 3 people who will hold the position of Thematic Coordinators and will be directly involved in supporting the implementation of the GUARD initiative with the aim of influencing impact at scale, by leveraging the efforts of other players in the Climate Change conversations within Africa and Globally through Just Climate Finance; Just recovery from the impacts of Climate Change and COVID-19 including the Promotion of Green Energy; Media Engagement, Awareness Raising of the Public to have more impact NDC Implementation and Acceleration of Climate Action. 

3.Duties and Responsibilities of Thematic Coordinators

  • To supervise and Coordinate the YDAs and CRPs.
  • To promote and support activities of thematic areas and enhance the profile of thematic groups through the identification of qualified organizations and individuals with relevant expertise.
  • To ensure continued engagement of thematic groups in national conversations on climate change, climate justice and broader environmental and SDGs conversation and linking the same with national (NDCs) and or international processes.
  • To make effective the work of FORUMCC including information sharing, cross-thematic interaction, stories of change/inspiration from grassroots communities.
  • To actively participate in conventional and digital/ social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram among others.
  • To help to galvanize the national psyche on climate justice and amplify them into larger national platforms.
  • To engage policymakers and other stakeholders on the important subject of intergenerational equity and elevate sectoral concern in the FORUMCC, National/Regional debates.
  • To work with the Young Digital Activists in packaging and disseminating information.
  • To support the mobilization of partners at the national level to participate in online or physical activities being carried out by FORUMCC.
  • To support the thematic groups in reaching out to national institutions, organizations, the private sector and individuals of interest for collaboration in the areas of common interest.
  • To undertake any other duty assigned from time to time by country Coordinator (FORUMCC Executive Director).

4.Key Outputs/Deliverables

  • Monthly and Quarterly Reports.
  • At least 3 Articles per Month (1.5 - 2.5-pages).
  • At least 1 Policy Brief per Month.
  • Generate Content for Social Media and Document Success Stories/Stories of Change (in collaboration with the YDAs and CRPs).
  • At least 2 Advocacy Key Messages per day on Personal Social Media Accounts.
  • Strategic Meetings and Policy Dialogues with Decision/Policy Makers, MDAs, Parliamentarians, Private Sector, Likeminded Organizations/CSOs, etc.
  • Create/host at least 4 Tweeter Spaces per Month.


Each Thematic Coordinator will be assigned a Thematic Area to work on as soon as they qualify in the initial recruitment process. Thematic Coordinators will work under the supervision of the country Coordinator (FORUMCC Executive Director). Qualified Coordinators will be required to provide weekly feedback on the status of ongoing activities' implementation to the Head of Programs and Monthly feedback to the country Coordinator. Monthly and Quarterly Reports will be submitted in electronic versions.

6.Working Experience/Expertise

  • MSc/BSc. in the fields related to Climate Change, Natural Resource Management and/or Governance, Public Policy and Green Financing. 
  • Environmental Sciences and Management. 
  • Specialized in Climate Change Policy Advocacy and Governance Work. 
  • Climate Change and Gender. 
  • Community-Based Adaptation and Livelihoods. 
  • Community Development, Governance and Leadership. 
  • Self-dedicated and motivated person with a strong capability of handling leadership and administrative tasks. 
  • Proven previous working relationship with CSOs and country Government. 
  • Policy Specialist for Environment and Climate Change. 
  • Excellent Writing and Presentation Skills. 
  • Documentation of Case Studies.
  • Community Mobilization, Outreach and Digital Campaigns Creative Ideas.
  • Should be 28 - 35 years of age.

7. Application

  • Updated CV (Maximum size of the Curriculum Vitae should be 4 pages, in PDF format).
  • Letter of interest detailing the capacities to undertake this assignment (1 page, in PDF format).

8.How to Apply

Interested individuals are encouraged to submit their applications to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on 20th March 2023 at 17 Hours EAT.

It is a non-for-profit, member-based - of over 80 diverse organizations across Tanzania committed to work on climate change issues in Tanzania and beyond.

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