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Accountable Climate Actions and Finance Transparency Initiative (ACATI) 3

Accountable Climate Action and Finance Transparency Initiative (ACATI) was funded by European Union and implemented in partnership with Ilala Municipal Council and Singida District Council from June 2017 to May 2020. The aim of this initiative was to strengthen national and local CSOs advocacy capacity to engage and collaborate with the Government at national and local levels.  The focus was to enhance accountability for office bearers to act responsibly in relation to the environment and climate resilience.

The focus was to enhance CSOs’ knowledge, skills and access to information to be able to advocate for improved transparency, coherence, and alignment of climate finance, and accountable climate actions at both local and national levels.


Interventions involved: FORUMCC member organizations; Local Government Authorities (LGAs); Members of Parliaments (MPs); Ministry of Finance and Planning; Vice President’s Office Division of Environment (VPO-DoE); small-scale farmers and pastoralists; and communities across the country.


A total of 76 CSOs; with 21 women groups (with 137 women members); 4 youth groups (521 youths) and more than 1,000 smallholder farmers benefited from the project directly and indirectly.


There is a notable improvement in the capacity of CSOs and the LGAs on climate finance tracking and advocacy. 21 CSOs are now advocating for the national climate finance management framework, especially in the rim of implementation of the Paris agreement using Tanzania NDC. For local Government Authority, the Ward Executive Officers e.g. from Kivukoni Ward, Ilala Municipality in Dar-es-salaam are now using the Control and auditor Reports to review district reports for enforcement of accountability at district levels. At the community level, there is increased women’s participation in planning for climate action for instance a total of 26 women from 6 groups in the Singida District participated in ward development planning and budgeting, putting an eye on waste management, climate-resilient farming, and alternative livelihood options. This has also contributed to other special groups participating in community accountability issues. On Community empowerment initiatives, a total of 41 women groups with 291 members were capacitated to engage in green entrepreneurship activities e.g. production of briquets using domestic wastes, domestic soap production, and tailoring activities as an alternative for climate and disaster-prone livelihood activities. This was mainly implemented during the COVID 19 pandemic whereby the majority of women’s livelihood activities were affected.


The is LGAs and CSOs collaborations have been improved and commitments demonstrated for instance Dodoma, and Singida Districts, and between Ilala and Singida who are implementing different Joint activities using a Platform named Development Forum. In Singida, the Sustainable Environmental Management and Actions (SEMA) and the Dodoma Environmental Network (DONET) collaborated in this regard. Under an MoU established during the project implementation.


There is increased participation in ward development planning to build grounds for continued tracking of irregularities


It is a non-for-profit, member-based - of over 80 diverse organizations across Tanzania committed to work on climate change issues in Tanzania and beyond.

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