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Title: Enhancing Inclusiveness and Transparency in the Post-2015 Adaptation Architecture

Promoting good adaptation practice and advancing the international support architecture, with particular recognition of the experience from the Adaptation Fund.
The project aims at contributing to the overall enhancement of the international support architecture for adaptation in vulnerable developing countries, particularly in the context of the UNFCCC negotiations towards the envisaged 2015 agreement.
The first core element is to independently accompany through civil society organisations the further development of the AF, by following particularly the concrete implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects in a number of vulnerable developing countries, with a special focus on the direct access approach.
Secondly, it attempts to address the challenge faced by several developing countries to adequately manage and monitor adaptation funding from several international funds, as well as to approach them holistically as to achieve progress on the overall national climate change adaptation strategy.
Thirdly, experience and lessons learnt from the in-country process will be used to contribute to the advancement of the broader adaptation support architecture, in particular regarding the design of the Green Climate Fund “adaptation windows” and the negotiations towards a new international climate change agreement in 2015.

It is a non-for-profit, member-based - of over 80 diverse organizations across Tanzania committed to work on climate change issues in Tanzania and beyond.

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