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Help Her Live, Learn and Earn Project (HELP)

FORUMCC implemented Help Her Live, Learn and Earn (HELP) project in partnership with CARE Tanzania, SAIPRO Trust Fund, and Same District Council from 2018 – July 2020. The aim was to enhance food and nutrition security (through climate-smart agriculture) for households’ dependent on small-scale agriculture within a changing climate in northern Tanzania.
The focus was to enhance local-level climate change adaptation and local government planning for resilience. It covered 6 villages; including Bangalala, Makanya, Mgwasi, Kasapo, Vudee, and Ruvujiungeni.
The project was implemented using participatory approaches and applied hand-on field learning to ensure uptake of agriculture climate change adaption practices such as CSA and to accelerate the integration of climate change into local government planning and budgeting.
A total of 540 (320 women and 220 men) small-scale farmers were practically trained on value addition, and how to increase income, productivity, and nutrition security using Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) practices and technologies through Farmer Field and Business Schools (FFBS).
Significant results were recorded as a result of communities’ adoption of Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) practices and technologies as well as increased confidence to use these techniques based on weather and seasonal information accessed through Participatory Scenario Planning (PSP). Accountability mechanisms were enhanced at the local level through the application of the Community Score Card (CSC). The implementation of the Community score card increased participation, accountability, and transparency between service users, providers, and decision-makers and provided the evidence needed by community members to hold duty bearers accountable for continued support. Small-scale farmers were empowered to hold district authorities accountable for their commitments and to be active participants in the district-level planning process in order to ensure adequate investment in Climate Smart Agriculture and water management.
Engaging Same District Authorities including officials and councillors on interlinked issues on gender, CSA, sustainable ecosystem management and food security; facilitated the mainstreaming of CSA priorities into their 5 years Council development plans and budget for the financial year 2020/2021. This was among successful projects where there was an observed increase in productivity, market, income, and livelihood.

It is a non-for-profit, member-based - of over 80 diverse organizations across Tanzania committed to work on climate change issues in Tanzania and beyond.

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